Welcome to my journey . . .

journeybannerWelcome to my site, my space where I share my journey of making a mark on this big world! Where I can be me, do my best, and hope to be a light to you.

My wish would be that from anything you learn about me or what I do, that I can encourage, inspire, and motivate you to move forward and change your thoughts into unbridled, world changing action! It is such a gift for me to have you here.

IMG_1802I have always had the desire to serve others.  My heart overflows with the thoughts of tending to the needs of children and families.  You can learn all about that as I blog, post videos, links to my radio program, or give updates on what is new with the Echo Foundation. I hope to share this adventure with you!

IMG_1801In sharing the adventure, that holds the gift of watching YOU grow along with me. Along with serving, my love of leadership and gift of influence, I have an ardent desire to encourage YOU to realize and unleash your full potential for what is tugging at your heart.

I want to help us grow our spirit, build and increase our strength, and be bold enough to serve where we are called.

Echo Ministries