Strength can come from both what we can and cannot control. It takes many trials, circumstances, and events to force you to realize what makes you strong. Even in moments of empty uncertainty, strength can be found. Steady earth beneath your feet may be your only knowledge of strength one day to the next. You can harness the power that God has given you. You can and will stand for and against some of the masses, to push forth your cause, passion, and mission.

I believe this is why I am here.  My strength is comprised of limitless fury, acting as fuel, becoming the desire to lift up the helpless. To stand for those without a voice, demonstrate compassion, love, and show them that they are strong in not only their tiny successes, but that they are unyielding, and ferociously strong through their perseverance.

Having a childhood that figuratively resembled a rickety wood and rope bridge over a canyon, common childhood securities were most often, a mystery to me. Yet, in the same thought strength was something I felt even as a very small, unknowing child. I knew I was made to do great things, huge things. Little could I imagine I would take the travels from town to town, my stint in foster care, from old school to new school, and still be able to be a light to others. So many times I felt defeat, or a doubting voice would whisper creepily into my thoughts and try to force feed me fear.  I knew that voice was a liar.
There is a greater plan. I want to include you in that plan.  I stand humbly as proof that strength, though not all my own, always prevails for the good of the master plan in our life!

Echo Ministries