I imagine spirit to be like ocean waves. Waves don’t cease. They are timeless, powerful, and committed. They are a constant source of energy aimed at the shore, not retreating, but persistent in pulling back, setting back up, and thrusting forward full force at their goal. I am a work in progress like the etched ridges of a coastline and my spirit, the waves, are what shape, form, and mold me.

I choose to focus on nurturing the soul. It’s heart┬ábreaking to me to realize that so many of us don’t embrace the spirit that we have been gifted. Your spirit is not only within you, it is YOU. Some choose to swim against the current of their spirit wave, only to find themselves empty and exhausted.

Ditch self doubt. Embrace the waves. Feel the power of your inner spirit, like powerful waves behind you, not against you.
Be present in the feelings of a broken spirit. Brokenness equals pliability of the heart. Heart equates to spirit. Spirit inspires strength, and strength forces us to move forward to serve.

Can you imagine the possibilities that would be before you if you chose to be fully engaged with your spirit?

Echo Ministries