What drives someone to serve?
What motivates or forces people to cross that line, put their feet to the pavement and get up and GO?

I was bored on a summer day. Instead of playing outside, I was flipping channels on the TV. Suddenly, I froze from turning the dial any further.  I was halted by images of emaciated babies with flies on their eyes. Mothers holding them at their empty breast.  My thoughts stopped, eyes fixated on what I was seeing. I sat down, on the floor, positioned myself directly in front of the screen, and began to watch, learn, and empathize with the famine that was taking place in Ethiopia. 

The images of these infants and their mothers was shocking, but what wrecked me were the masses of older children. Young adults. Boys and girls. Standing in the background. The adolescents were cast off in the distance and that made no sense to me. I couldn’t understand why they weren’t front and center too. Were they not hungry, thirsty, or without the love of a parent? Were they not as much of a draw to a donation call center as a starving infant? I was distraught.  I was angry.  I was eight years old. , 

This was my first whisper from God. He spoke into my heart that day. To move across this earth, dive into the waves of things I’ll never understand, and for nothing more than to act because I was asked.  Though my faith may have been small, or so very misunderstood in those young moments. I knew that I would obey, at any risk of difficulty, and that I would do something. Please don’t misunderstand, my journey has not been without certain hesitation or folly, but through my mistakes I am learning, stretching further than I think I can handle, and growing into what I pray is authentic leadership.

WE all want to do something… But how many of us actually DO? If there’s ever been a tremor or prompting or prodding within you… You have it. You’ve been chosen and spoken to. It may not be to go across the globe… But you’re being called. Will you investigate and answer?

Say YES! I cannot wait to link arms with you!

Echo Ministries