Be at Peace with Yourself

Be at Peace with Yourself

Amy Braido

President of The Echo Foundation, Philanthropist, Thought Leader, Health & Mindset Coach, Radio Host

I am so grateful to be alive. I’m thrilled as all get up that I have the opportunity to be successful or fail each and everyday. Why would I be excited to fail? Because how else will I really be able to understand the FABULOUS FREAKING VALUE of my accomplishments or successes?
I have not always been this way. I have not always been able to embrace, value, or love myself. I have made a lot of careless decisions. More than I can count, but I’ve decided to shift my thinking about them and I think you should too.
I’d make choices on a whim, or trust my gut, which doesn’t always follow suit with my brain, and then find myself left standing bewildered. I’d eventually be staring at myself in the mirror with a “wtf just happened” look on my face. When things didn’t unfold the way I thought they would, I’d shove my dissapointment into a mental storage locker and pretend it wasn’t real. I honed this skill as a young kid and had always been really good at it. Until recent years.
Screw shoving your shit into a box. You’ll be guaranteed to ride the shame train for life if you do. Guess what? Things happen and we can cast them aside versus dealing with them, only for that pain to come out sideways later, or we can face the impact of life head on.
One of my issues has always been overthinking and needing to understand. I often think, “I just need to understand why this or that happened and then I’ll be ok.” That’s not always going to happen. You may never get an explanation, and then continue to spin yourself dizzy trying to figure it out. LET IT GO. Whatever “it” was, it happened. You cannot undo it, and rethinking it will make you insane. We can learn by owning our own actions, not concerning ourselves with the actions of others, and turn it into a lesson for growth. Always, ALWAYS, look for the learning. Just focusing on that thought pattern starts you on the path to forgiving yourself.
Are you allowing yourself wiggle room? Can you be kind to yourself and just be okay with knowing sometimes the outcome to our thoughts and actions doesn’t always result the way we’d hoped?
I’ve come to realize how I want to treat people, how I want to live, love, and show value to others. I choose to embrace abundance in big and small things everyday. I want to treasure and value those I care about so much so, that they will never doubt their worth. I want to affirm, serve, and shower them with gratitude. Speak their love language. Why would I not treat myself the same?
All people mess up. You are not a superhero, stop beating yourself up because you have flaws. Love your flaws. Look at the lessons learned. Love who you are and what roads open as a result of your thoughts and actions. There’s peace in every storm if you choose to remember that just as a storm starts, it always ends. Get out of your mental rain and step into some internal sunshine! Be at peace.


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