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Words of Wisdom! For Best Weight Loss, Use A Combination Of High Protein With High-Intensity Exercise

Words of Wisdom! For Best Weight Loss, Use A Combination Of High Protein With High-Intensity Exercise


Want muscle gains? A new study suggests, eating a diet high in protein leads to more muscle gain and body fat loss when combined with regular high-intensity exercise. Top protein researchers found that during weight loss, a diet containing a little over 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight was more effective than a diet containing half that amount to promote increases in lean body mass and increased losses of fat mass in combination with high-intensity interval training (1).

In the study, subjects in the high-protein group averaged an increase of 2.64 pounds of lean body mass compared with the control group gaining an average of 0.22 pounds. The higher-protein group also had greater fat loss compared to the control group at 10.56 versus 7.7 pounds, respectively.

Their four-week, single-blinded study randomized 40 overweight young men to two calorie-restricted groups that either ate a lower-protein diet (1.2 grams per kilogram) or a higher-protein diet (2.4 grams per kilogram). All subjects performed resistance exercise training combined with high-intensity interval training for six days per week.

The research suggests the combination of higher protein and high-intensity training can be instrumental for keeping or building muscle during weight loss. Weight-loss diets otherwise often result in a 20 to 30 percent loss of weight coming from muscle mass (2).

The authors of the new research wanted to conduct a proof-of-principle trial to examine whether protein intake during a large calorie reduction with intense exercise would affect body composition. To help get the proper amount of protein, both groups received whey-based protein shakes that were consumed multiple times throughout the day.

The researchers also asked that subjects consume the shakes right after training on exercise days to assist with optimal recovery.

Because the high-protein group needed to consume more than twice the amount of total protein compared to the control group, they had three times the amount of whey protein in their shakes. In fact, the average dietary intake daily for the high-protein group was 245 grams of protein, 311 grams of carbohydrates, and 38 grams of fat. In comparison, the control group on average had 116 grams of protein, 286 grams of carbohydrates, and 86 grams of fat.

Because carbohydrates are an important fuel source during intense exercise, the researchers also sought to increase fat intake for the control group to keep calories similar between groups. The strength of the study is evidenced by provision of all meals and beverages that were consumed over the four-week period.

Article Released by Isagenix.


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Be at Peace with Yourself

Be at Peace with Yourself

Amy Braido

President of The Echo Foundation, Philanthropist, Thought Leader, Health & Mindset Coach, Radio Host

I am so grateful to be alive. I’m thrilled as all get up that I have the opportunity to be successful or fail each and everyday. Why would I be excited to fail? Because how else will I really be able to understand the FABULOUS FREAKING VALUE of my accomplishments or successes?
I have not always been this way. I have not always been able to embrace, value, or love myself. I have made a lot of careless decisions. More than I can count, but I’ve decided to shift my thinking about them and I think you should too.
I’d make choices on a whim, or trust my gut, which doesn’t always follow suit with my brain, and then find myself left standing bewildered. I’d eventually be staring at myself in the mirror with a “wtf just happened” look on my face. When things didn’t unfold the way I thought they would, I’d shove my dissapointment into a mental storage locker and pretend it wasn’t real. I honed this skill as a young kid and had always been really good at it. Until recent years.
Screw shoving your shit into a box. You’ll be guaranteed to ride the shame train for life if you do. Guess what? Things happen and we can cast them aside versus dealing with them, only for that pain to come out sideways later, or we can face the impact of life head on.
One of my issues has always been overthinking and needing to understand. I often think, “I just need to understand why this or that happened and then I’ll be ok.” That’s not always going to happen. You may never get an explanation, and then continue to spin yourself dizzy trying to figure it out. LET IT GO. Whatever “it” was, it happened. You cannot undo it, and rethinking it will make you insane. We can learn by owning our own actions, not concerning ourselves with the actions of others, and turn it into a lesson for growth. Always, ALWAYS, look for the learning. Just focusing on that thought pattern starts you on the path to forgiving yourself.
Are you allowing yourself wiggle room? Can you be kind to yourself and just be okay with knowing sometimes the outcome to our thoughts and actions doesn’t always result the way we’d hoped?
I’ve come to realize how I want to treat people, how I want to live, love, and show value to others. I choose to embrace abundance in big and small things everyday. I want to treasure and value those I care about so much so, that they will never doubt their worth. I want to affirm, serve, and shower them with gratitude. Speak their love language. Why would I not treat myself the same?
All people mess up. You are not a superhero, stop beating yourself up because you have flaws. Love your flaws. Look at the lessons learned. Love who you are and what roads open as a result of your thoughts and actions. There’s peace in every storm if you choose to remember that just as a storm starts, it always ends. Get out of your mental rain and step into some internal sunshine! Be at peace.


My Spirit was fed by the Strength of a Stranger

shutterstock_57957562It’s been a smidge over a year since I met Veronica. I was standing in line at PetSmart, getting dog food, and something caught my eye, tugged at my heart, or actually, it was both. Interestingly though, it was nothing about her appearance that drew me to her.  Her heart was worn on her sleeve, noticeable even in the simplest task. I love how our spirit can be drawn to someone else’s. Somehow, we began chatting about our children and families. She shared with me that one of her sons had special needs.  She stood with a high head, although visibly tired, and spoke about how she was told he didn’t have a chance at life just after his birth.

This was a heavy and fast conversation to have in a store line, but I wanted to hear more. I felt like she really had a lot to say, but more so, I felt she was going to teach me something and I didn’t want to miss that.

Sometimes I ask random strangers if they’d like to meet me for coffee. To share. To learn. I told Veronica I wanted to write about her for my first blog post. I think most people would be put off by such a request, but she was more than willing to share.

I often wonder if my desire and gratitude for connection is odd, and if it is, then I gladly accept the creeper award!

My thought process for the java invitation was that I wanted to see more of her aura. She was such a light.  In just those few moments in line, she seemed such an example of strength and spirit, that I just wanted to share her with the world.

Our coffee date turned into a great friendship. I’m so thankful that she understood that I just wanted to write about everyday people, living through everyday stuff, in order to encourage many. That we can use our shortfalls, circumstances or mishaps and turn them into triumphs even in our everyday lives.

In 2009, then a single mother, delivering Jack at 25, had labored before. If I recall correctly, the process was fairly routine until the baby’s heart rate seemed troubled and then fell silent. Veronica kept buzzing the nurse. She was prepped and hurried into the OR for an emergency C-section and Jack Lucky was born.

God chooses certain people to care for children. Jack Lucky was just that, lucky. God chose Veronica for him. All the experts and staff told her there was no brain activity. They unhooked him from all of the machines, yet Jack continued to breathe on his own. “He won’t make it”, she was told, “Don’t feed him”, they said. Unbelievable.

The strength it takes to be a mother of a “normal” newborn is taxing enough, but to be alone, with a child you’re told is brain dead, is unimaginable. Veronica told me that it wasn’t her strength that she was relying on. It was just waiting and being still. In the seven days she waited, still feeding and caring for Jack until she heard his first cries, it was faith.

Her upbringing had it’s share of hard knocks, and had taught her well to power through tough situations, whether it was thoughtfully navigated or flying by the seat of her pants, hanging on for dear life, with white knuckles. I believe that spirit, that drive, that fight, was what I saw in line that afternoon, but it was an exuding of understanding, perseverance, and love. Even now, over six years later, she draws on that same place of strength to carry her through her long days of getting Jack to school and physical therapy. Her spirit musters joy each day as she works long hours and is now in search of a handicap accessible vehicle.

The day to day occurrences that we may experience that appear annoying, tough, or melancholy get a whole new perspective when realizing that those dealings don’t last 24 hours a day. So when I find myself actively complaining about getting dealt an unfair hand, I need to reflect on what I learned that day and the day we met for coffee. Remember how I feel a joy filled heart spending time with Veronica and Jack, and the spirit I see in that sweet boy’s face every time he smiles, or blows a kiss.

Did I mention that? Jack smiles, and looks at you, and responds. He may respond without words, but he understands. He also laughs and shows delight for his life and that is all due to his beautiful mother. Her spirit magnetized by his in the very moment they met, and the strength she gave him to thrive.