Welcome to my journey . . .


Hi, I’m Amy Braido, a catalyst of change with a heart of gold.  My mission in life is to help YOU see what is possible and to LOVE yourself deeply and unconditionally. And, I’m sooo freakin’ happy you’re here.

Perhaps you’re looking for a healthier or stronger version of yourself?


So, why this page?  It’s because I have always had the desire to serve others.  My heart overflows with the thoughts of tending to the needs of children and families.  You can learn all about that as I blog, post videos, or give updates on what is new with the Echo Foundation. Life is about making memories, making a difference–let’s share this adventure together!

Maybe, you’ve been riding on the shame-train for far too long when it comes to body image and you’re looking to make some serious positive change in your life.  (Oh, I get you. Believe me – I used to be the conductor!! But, you can get off the ride.)

My greatest wish for you is that you deeply love yourself! Because, you are beautiful and you are a perfect work in progress and you are enough! And, from this love, you can have everything you’ve ever wanted.


But, it comes from the inside out. (Despite what the bazillion dollar fitness and diet industry tries to tell you). You can’t make positive & lasting change by “fixing” the outside — it must come from within. (PS: You were never “broken” to begin with, love).

I know what it feels like to not believe in yourself.  I know how it feels to be unhappy in your current body and to feel hopeless about it.  I know how these body issues can trickle over into other areas of life including relationships, financials, and overall wellness. But, I also know what is possible on the other side of all that.  There is HOPE.

I’m here to help you get around your own roadblocks so that you can live the happy, healthy, vibrant life that you deserve.  

I coach people to better health and mindset so they can show up in the world in a big way, doing more for themselves and for others.


Here’s how we can work together…

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